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e-i Pro

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Designed for use with the endoscope-i adapter. We have eliminated the need for extra optics.

The worlds first iPhone endoscopy complete system developed with Otolaryngologists in the UK. 'e-i Pro' builds upon the unique endoscopic imaging and recording capabilities of the 'endoscope-i' app with added features for the professional endoscopist.

We have allowed the user greater flexibility to obtain endoscopic imaging using all diameters of rod lens and fibre endoscopes including 2.5mm scopes.

e-i Pro offers the endoscopist the ability to control camera exposure for the optimum image depending on the combination of endoscope and light source.

Features include:

  • ISO Calibration to obtain optimum exposure
  • Standby setup menu for enhanced power saving
  • Clinical safety risk analysed (safely using the device to minimise harm)
  • 3 Customisable endoscope settings
  • Enhanced video library user interface
  • Auto camera activation by inverting the device
  • Simplified Black LASER iOS7 interface
  • 24/7 e-mail user Support
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Plus all the features included with the original 'endoscope-i' App:

  • PIN security for data
  • Centralisation of image
  • Optimum image size capture
  • Non-touch auto exposure and focus
  • Grouped video and picture files
  • HD 1080p video capture with simultaneous still image capability
  • Simple interface for ease of use
  • e-mail out facility

For further app details go to endoscope-i app